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We Are Cyber Essentials Certified

The Curo Support team is delighted to announce that Curo Support has been Cyber Essentials certified. Cyber Essentials has been approved by the government and industry to help companies protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

Coronavirus has caused a spike in online time this year, and as a result, hackers have more opportunities to carry out cyberattacks on businesses and individuals. They often do this by:

  • Email scams and website malware – software that damages your device or lets hackers in

Hackers can gain access to your personal or business information, putting you and your organisation at risk. 

Although your support contract doesn’t entirely cover cyber security , we would like to steer you towards a robust network that is less likely to be attacked and introduce you to our cyber security partner. As cybercrime is now heavily funded by states like N korea and Russia and is very very specialist now and more commonly attacking any company regardless of size.

Our aim is to introduce our customers to a cybersecurity company with whom we have partnered on projects over the coming months. 

You can be Cyber Essentials Certified too

We would also like all our customers to become accredited with Cyber Essentials. Curo can steer and handhold you through this please ask us for a quote

Cyber Essentials can help businesses prevent common cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware and data breaches, in a simple way. 

  • Provide a clear description of the basic cybersecurity controls that all organizations should apply
  •  Provide a mechanism for organisations to demonstrate to their customers, investors, and other stakeholders that they have implemented these controls.

What does it mean to be Cyber Essentials certified? 

By displaying our Cyber Essentials badge, we’re letting you know that:

  • We implement cybersecurity measures for our own organisation
  • Our cybersecurity meets a Government-approved standard 
  • We can bid on Government contracts (Cyber Essentials is required as a condition for a variety of Government contracts and this requirement is being extended).

The Cyber Essentials requirements are important to every organisation. Whether you want to learn more about any of these controls, become certified, or implement them, contact us and let us help!

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