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Nearly all IT projects require some sort of procurement, whether it is for hardware, software, or services. As users of IT technology increasingly find themselves dealing with multiple technology vendors, this IT procurement process can get time-consuming and complicated.

Achieving a balance between selecting the right software and hardware solution and spending time researching and obtaining the best price can be a challenge. Curo’s specialist procurement teams take care of this for many organisations, just like yours.

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Our Service Includes

  • Pre-Sales Consultation – Achieving a balance between selecting the right solution and spending time researching and obtaining the best price can be a challenge
  • Best Prices – Because we purchase in volume, we deliver the best software and hardware solutions at a cost-effective price from a wide range of manufacturers
  • Free Rack and Stack – We can rack and stack your new equipment at no additional cost, ensuring everything is running smoothly before you take delivery
  • Procurement Contracts – We constantly deliver efficient, responsive, and cost-effective IT procurement services that simplify the procurement process
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Hardware Procurement

If you need servers, desktops or infrastructure hardware or are thinking of upgrading an existing hardware contact Curo for a no obligation quotation.
Curo supplies server hardware ranging from small workgroup devices through to multi-site and virtualised solutions. Redundancy and contingency are designed into every system we install. We specify solutions to meet your ongoing needs, always ensuring that your system has the ability to grow. Since we only use branded products, you’ll enjoy our total support backed up by major manufacturer warranty.


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We pride ourselves on meeting the SLA’s that we define for our customers and if we miss them, we don’t take it lightly, we always pull out all of the stops to do everything for every one of our customers.​

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