Leased Lines

Unleashing The Power Of Your Business

Leased lines are popular with businesses because they offer a much better connection & reliability than standard ADSL services. They can link your business sites together so you can quickly send data between offices.

Increase your business productivity and efficiency with one of Curo’s Leased Line services. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed performance and reliability or site to site connectivity, talk to us about our high speed Leased Lines options.

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Why Choose Curo’s Leased Lines?

  • We offer a dedicated provisioning manager throughout installation
  • Business connectivity backed by a 100% SLA
  • Flexibility to increase bandwidth up to 1Gbps as your business needs grow
  • High-quality and competitive pricing on our expanding network
  • Suitable for voice, data, video, VPN or site-to-site connectivity
  • Rapid onsite support in the event of equipment failure
  • We’re the experts with over 19 years’ experience
  • Around the clock technical support
curo network management
curo network management

The Benefits Of Curo Leased Lines

  • Available at higher speeds
  • Complete control over bandwidth
  • Faster uploads
  • Increased reliability
  • Backed by Service Level Agreements

Our Stats

We pride ourselves on meeting the SLA’s that we define for our customers and if we miss them, we don’t take it lightly, we always pull out all of the stops to do everything for every one of our customers.​

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